MB04XL Battery For Hp HSTNN-UB6X 843538-541 Envy x360 m6 15-AQ100

MB04XL Battery For Hp HSTNN-UB6X 843538-541 Envy x360 m6 15-AQ100

MG04XL HSTNN-DB7F Battery For Hp Elite x2 1012 G1-V2V91UT T5H25EP

MG04XL HSTNN-DB7F Battery For Hp Elite x2 1012 G1-V2V91UT T5H25EP

EL04XL Battery For Hp ENVY 4-1009tx 1008tx 681879-1C1 HSTNN-IB3R

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Replace Part Number: EL04XL, HSTNN-IB3R, 681879-121, 681879-171, 681879-1C1, 681879-541, 681949-001, 681949-541, EL04, EL04052XL, HSTNN-UB3R, TPN-C102

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Capacity: 3400mAh, 52Wh
Battery Type: Li-ion
Condition:100% Brand New(2 years warranty!)

Compatible Laptop Models (Use "Ctrl+F? to find your model quickly): For Hp 4-1010ea, ENVPR4 i5-3317U, Envy 4 1002-TX, Envy 4 1035TX, ENVY 4 SLEEKBOOK PC 4-1005XX, ENVY 4 SLEEKBOOK PC 4-1043CL, ENVY 4-1000, ENVY 4-1001TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1001tx, ENVY 4-1001TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1002TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1002TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1003TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1003TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1004TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1004TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1005TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1005TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1006TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1007TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1007TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1008TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1008TX, ENVY 4-1008TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1009TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1009tx, ENVY 4-1009TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1010TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1010TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1011TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1011TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1012TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1012TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1013TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1013tx, ENVY 4-1013TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1014TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1014TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1015TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1015TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1016TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1016TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1017TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1017TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1018TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1018TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1019TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1019TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1020TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1020TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1021TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1021TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1022TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1022TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1023TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1023TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1024TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1024TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1025TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1025TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1026TU NB PC, ENVY 4-1026TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1027TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1028TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1028TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1029TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1029TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1030TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1030TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1031TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1031TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1032TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1032TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1033TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1033TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1034TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1034TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1035TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1035TX NB PC, ENVY 4-1036TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1036TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1037TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1037TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1038TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1038TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1039TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1039TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1040LA NB PC, ENVY 4-1040TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1040TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1041TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1041TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1042TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1042TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1042TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1043TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1044TU SLEEKBOOK PC, Envy 4-1045TU, ENVY 4-1045TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1046TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1047TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1047TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1048TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1048TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1049TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1049TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1050BR NB PC, Envy 4-1050ca, ENVY 4-1050TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1050TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1051TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1051TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1052TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1052TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1053TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1053TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1054TU NB PC HK, ENVY 4-1054TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1055TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1055TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1056TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1057TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1058TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1059TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1060TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1061TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1062TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1063TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1064TX SLEEKBOOK PC, Envy 4-1065TX Sleekbook PC, ENVY 4-1066TX Sleekbook PC, ENVY 4-1101TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1101TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1102TU SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1102TX NB PC INDIA, ENVY 4-1102XX TOUCHSMART ULTRABOOK, ENVY 4-1103TU NB PC INDIA, ENVY 4-1103TX NB PC INDIA, ENVY 4-1104TU NB PC INDIA, ENVY 4-1104TX NB PC INDIA, ENVY 4-1105DX TouchSmart Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1105TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1105TX NB PC INDIA, ENVY 4-1106TX ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1107TU NB PC AUST, ENVY 4-1107TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1108TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1108TX SLEEKBOOK PC, ENVY 4-1109TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1109TX NB PC AUST, ENVY 4-1110TU ULTRABOOK PC, ENVY 4-1110TX Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1110US Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1111TU Sleekbook PC, ENVY 4-1111TX Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1112TX Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1113TX Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1114TU Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1114TX Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1115DX TouchSmart Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1115TU Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1115TX Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1116TU Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1117NR Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1120TU Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1121TU Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1122TU Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1123TU Ultrabook PC, ENVY 4-1130la NB PC, ENVY 4-1130US Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1150br NB PC, ENVY 4-1150la NB PC, ENVY 4-1152la NB PC, ENVY 4-1155la NB PC, ENVY 4-1201TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1202TX Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1203TX Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1204TU Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1204TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1206TU Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1207TU Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1209TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1211TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1212TU Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1214TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1215TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1216TU Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1224TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1225TU Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1226TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1227TU Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1227TX Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1228TX Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1229TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1236TX Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1237TX Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1238TX Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1240TX Sleekbook, ENVY 4-1246TX Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1247TU Ultrabook, ENVY 4-1252la Ultrabook, ENVY 4T-1200 ULTRABOOK, ENVY 4T-1200 ULTRABOOK REFURB, Envy Pro i5-3317U 14.0 320/4GB PC, ENVY Pro4 i5-3317U 14.0 4GB/320 PC, ENVY Pro4 i5-3317U 14.0 4GB/N PC, ENVY SLEEKBOOK 4-1010US, ENVY SLEEKBOOK 4-1016NR, ENVY Sleekbook 4-1128TX, ENVY SLEEKBOOK 4T-1000, ENVY SLEEKBOOK 4T-1000 REFURB, ENVY SLEEKBOOK 4T-1100 REFURB, ENVY TOUCHSMART 4-1195CA ULTRABOOK P, ENVY TouchSmart 4-1215DX ULTRABOOK, ENVY TouchSmart 4-1231tu Ultrabook, ENVY TOUCHSMART 4T-1200 ULTRABOOK, ENVY TOUCHSMART 4T-1200 ULTRABOOK REFURB, ENVY TOUCHSMART SLEEKBOOK 4T-1100, ENVY TOUCHSMART ULTRABOOK 4T-1100 REFURB, ENVY TS 4-1208TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1210TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1217TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1218TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1219TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1220TX Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1221TX Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1222TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1223TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1230TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1231TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1232TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1236TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1239TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1241TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1242TU Ultrabook, ENVY TS 4-1243TU Sleekbook, ENVY TS 4-1245TU Sleekbook, ENVY TS Sleekbook 4, ENVY TS Sleekbook 4-1129TU, ENVY TS Ultrabook 4-1112TU, ENVY TS Ultrabook 4-1113TU, ENVY TS Ultrabook 4-1117TU, ENVY TS Ultrabook 4-1118TU, ENVY TS Ultrabook 4-1119TU, ENVY TS Ultrabook 4-1124TU, ENVY TS Ultrabook 4-1125TU, ENVY TS Ultrabook 4-1126TU, ENVY ULTRABOOK 4-1015DX, ENVY ULTRABOOK 4-1017NR, ENVY ULTRABOOK 4-1019WM, ENVY ULTRABOOK 4-1030CA, ENVY ULTRABOOK 4-1030US, ENVY ULTRABOOK 4-1038NR, ENVY ULTRABOOK 4-1050CA, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1116TX, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1117TX, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1118TX, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1127TU, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1130br, ENVY Ultrabook 4T-1100, ENVY4-1018TX, ENVY4-1106TU NB PC AUST, IDS UMA i5-3317U 4-b000 BNBPC, Promo ENVY Pro4 i5-3317U 14, Ultrabook-4-1100.

Replace Part Numbers: 681879-121, 681879-171, 681879-1C1, 681879-541, 681949-001, 681949-541, EL04, EL04052XL, EL04XL, HSTNN-IB3R, HSTNN-UB3R, TPN-C102

This compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part NO. or your laptop model NO. is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility.

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